AF Carpentry Landscaping holds a prominent position in the industry when it comes to offering Carpentry, Landscaping, and Home Renovation/Building services in the dynamic Keysborough community. Our devoted team of experts approaches every task, regardless of its scale, with the same unwavering commitment, dedication, and quality that distinguishes us.

Our dedication to achieving excellence is evident in every endeavour we embark upon. Offering a comprehensive range of services, including Carpentry, Fencing, Decking, Pergolas, Carports, Home Remodelling, and Landscaping, we cater to both residential and commercial clients in Keysborough and its surrounding areas. We take pride in our use of top-quality equipment, materials, and techniques to ensure exceptional and visually appealing results that consistently surpass your expectations. Our seasoned carpenters and landscapers bring a wealth of expertise to each project, all while maintaining remarkably competitive prices.

We specialise in:

  • Carpentry Services
  • Fencing Services
  • Decking Services
  • Pergola Services
  • Carport Services
  • Home Renovation Services
  • Landscaping Services

At AF Carpentry Landscaping, we recognise the distinct charm of your property and endeavour to elevate it through our artisanal skills. Come with us on a transformative journey where your visions materialise into tangible realities. Encounter excellence with AF Carpentry Landscaping, your dependable companion for all your carpentry, landscaping, and home renovation aspirations.